Raiders scrimmage North Lenoir

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Midway

From left, Josh Lupo, Isaiah McClendon (4), Trey Gionet and Kendrick Tyndall surround a ball carrier. (Dunn Area Sports Photo/Paul Burgett).

Midway was originally scheduled to scrimmage Triton on Saturday but the Raiders actually lined up against a different breed of Hawks as North Lenoir provided the opposition with Triton working through some COVID protocols.

The scrimmage was moved across U.S. 421 to the current elementary school due to wet conditions at Tommy Sloan Stadium.

“I thought the defense played really well,” said Midway coach Cory Barnes. “We played physical. J.P. Luna, middle linebacker, went down with a leg injury, but other than him, we came out pretty healthy.

“Our defense played really well for the first time playing a different-type offense other than a spread look that we run.

“I thought for the most part offensively we executed in the pass game really well. The run game needs to get better. When you can only start handing the ball off two weeks ago, it was going to be behind a little bit compared to the pass game.

“I thought (junior quarterback) Wyatt (Holland) did really good, making some good reads, making some good throws. He also had a handful of throws that he can learn from. Wide receivers caught the ball, ran the ball well.

“The line is a work in progress. You’ve got two seniors who didn’t do a bad job, but we’re also breaking in some younger guys. They needed that scrimmage game experience before we play. They’ll learn from the scrimmage.

“Overall, we did pretty well but there’s always things you can learn from.”

The Raiders are scheduled to start the season at home against Hobbton on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Wyatt Holland sets the offense with J.P. Luna at running back and Gabriel Brown at left tackle. (Dunn Area Sports Photo/Paul Burgett).

Wyatt Holland runs as Jordan Strickland (68) looks to block.
(Dunn Area Sports Photo/Paul Burgett).

Thornton Baggett heads to the end zone for Midway on Saturday.
(Dunn Area Sports Photo/Paul Burgett).

Nate Smith picks up yards for the Raiders against North Lenoir.
(Dunn Area Sports Photo/Paul Burgett).


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